The K-Class programme offers several value added services to the schools. Most of these services are available at no additional cost. The aim is to participate in the overall development of the school rather than just aided technology based interventions.

Regular Academic and Technical Visits

K-Class is the only programme that ensures regular visits to schools by academic and technical teams. The aim is to improve the usage of the programme within the teacher community and ensure that the benefits are actually delivered to the students.

Internet Connectivity

With the K-Yan, a data card is provided to the school so that the teachers and the students can explore the various educational resources available on the Internet.

K-Class Online

All the learning resources that are available for teachers on the K-Yan will be made available to the students and parents online. The resources would comprise multimedia lessons, videos and simulations. This service is available free to the K-Class students and parents. (The portal is currently under construction and the content will be incrementally available in phases.)

Free Educational Software

K-Class contains freely available educational tools, downloaded from the Internet, that will support the teacher in better organising their teaching assignments as well as enhancing the quality of learning.

Bi-monthly Newsletters

In order to connect with the latest knowledge and happenings in the world of education, a series of newsletters will be sent to schools every two months. Top educationists of India as well as academicians will share their thoughts and best practices with K-Class schools. The newsletter is offered at no cost to the school.

EnglishHelper™ –ReadToMe™

K-Class has tied up with English Helper to optionally bundle ReadToMe™, a sophisticated technology platform designed to improve English skills. Its features enable students to improve their English listening, speaking, reading and comprehension, through an innovative, multi-sensory approach.

Online Partnership with Goorulearning.org

Gooru offers a powerful tool for discovering complete lesson plans and curated subject specific content available on the Web. Gooru’s comprehensive lesson plans made from interactive Web materials bring the classroom to life. Over 30,000 free videos, text files, assessments, diagrams are available on the Goorulearning website. Gooru is available for classes 5-12 and is offered at no charge to the school.


One of the core technology components of the K-Class.


A wonderful mix of over 10,000 digital units stored in the K Yan.

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